I grew up in Mississippi where I attended SBEC, a private school now known as Northpoint, until my 8th grade year. I then transferred to Desoto Central, a new public school that was recently built, and graduated in 2007, where I attended Northwest for a year after high school. Originally, I was accepted into Mississippi State University, but wanted to take a year to figure out what I truly wanted to do. After that year, I went to state where I was classically trained in art with an emphasis in graphic design. To join the design program, I had to submit a portfolio and be voted in by the design board. I was accepted and graduated early 2012.

From there, I worked along-side amazing people – some more amazing than others – but everything I have done has been an experience I will never forget; All of it being knowledge that I have learned. Creating is a passion of mine that I love whole-heartedly, and because of that, I have loved every second of the work I have done. Some experiences have been harder or more grueling than others, but at the end of the day, it’s wonderful to see something I did make an impact on someone else. Design is a process, like life, as there is a lot of trial and error and not everything that is created is going to be life changing, but it will be a learning experience that allows me to grow.


Advanced experience in Adobe’s InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator programs, under the Creative Cloud collection.
Experienced in printing on manual single and four-head presses, as well as running pneumatic 12 head presses used in large production jobs.
Experienced in shooting with basic Nikon DSLR camera set-up for portrait and product photography.
Experience in set-up for output in printing and cutting vinyl, as well as, mild experience physically printing and cutting myself.
Experienced in creating sculptures and other products from wood or metal.


COMP Performance Group – 2013-Present

Currently a graphic designer for COMP’s in-house marketing department. My job requirement’s consist of a wide range of design projects. I design print and web ads that have to retain the history of the company, but also advance it along into current times. I create concepts for new clothing, accessories, and signage, as well as posters and banners for events and trade shows. I have redesigned an entire companies packaging which led to the new look of their print and web ads. I assisted in heading a design campaign for a new product and created the packaging it was to go in. I also designed the look and layout of the website being created for the project. I have to maintain large quantities of projects while shifting focus from one to another as priorities change, all while maintaining a high level of attention to detail.

Grip Royal – 2011-2013

During my time at Grip Royal, I had many responsibilities. Not all related to design, however, I did all of the graphics work for apparel, packaging, web and print ads, as well as design the identity of the company. That was only a fraction of the work I did. I also was responsible for answering emails, handling packaging and inventory, product prep, shipping and even brain stormed with the owner on new product development. During show season, I traveled and helped set-up the booth and focused on sales while answering questions customers had. During that time I developed new strategies to rally in customers and find new ways to market through social media.

Midsouth Solutions – 2012-2013

My responsibilities at Midsouth Solutions included printing the daily list of jobs on either the manual or automatic presses. Print jobs ranged from small to high quantity production jobs. I was responsible for prepping screens to be printed which included emulsifying, exposing, blowing out and taping screens. Likewise, I was also responsible for cleaning and blowing out any screens no longer needed and prepping those to be used later for other jobs. During printing I had to maintain a high level of detail with keeping a keen eye on registration and looking for any pin holes in the screen that could leave stray marks on the clothing. Every night I stayed until each job on the board was finished, regardless of time, then cleaned my area returning all materials to their place before leaving the shop.

Freelance – 2010-Present

Ever since I learned how to design I started taking in freelance jobs. I have done everything from logo design to websites for all types of companies. I always pride myself on not only the work that I create,  but also creating a relationship with the client and giving them a design that they can be proud of as well. I work with the clients to create their vision while guiding them when necessary or asked.



Traction Optional – 2006-Present

The organization is a non-profit automotive group. We host and sponsor local and surrounding events for primarily drifting. The group started in 2005 with a group of friends that shared similar interests and over the years has grown exponentially. Today it has expanded into a community wide group hosting events at Memphis International Raceway, sponsored car shows, holds benefits and fundraisers for charities, and pushing its out-reach as far as it can go.

In 2011 I started designing posters for events and took over merchandise sales, inventory and shipping until I gave the responsibilities over to the organizer lead while I finished my last semester of college in 2012. Currently, I help run and organize the events, whether it is communicated with other track staff to the conditions during the event or running merchandise. Anywhere I am needed I pick up and help in some way. When it comes to operating Traction Optional, we have an amazing group of guys that give their all. Our group was founded on family and our family continues to grow year after year.


SEMA 2013 – Packaging Design

Runner-up to first place for the FAST Sportsman XFI Kit packaging I designed.